Reteóptica is a company with years of experience in the telecommunications, energy and civil works sector. Our team is composed of engineers, senior technicians, lawyers, graduates and technical staff with experience in telecommunications, construction and installation. 

We carry out the integrity of the design, installation, civil works and maintenance of all types of telecommunications networks, whether fiber optic, coaxial cable or braided pair cable, low voltage electrical networks, photovoltaic parks,,, With our own highly qualified and committed personnel, having all the necessary resources and tools in full ownership with the aim of achieving excellence in the works entrusted.

The growth and evolution of the company has been constant both in the number of customers who count on us and in the type of services we are able to offer, currently working with all the reference companies in the telecommunications sector.

We are a provider of integrated services “turnkey”, with proven experience in NETWORKS FTTH, FTTN, FTTX, Macrolan, DWDM…

In 2020 we connected more than 360,000 homes in FTTH networks in Spain. To do this, we installed more than 1,000 kilometers of fiber optics in aerial, urban and interurban networks.

After more than 25 years of experience in the sector, Reteoptica has managed to adapt with agility to the market with the aim of offering our customers technological and innovative solutions.