Occupational Risk Prevention

Occupational Risk Prevention

From the beginning of its journey, the Reteóptica Group assumes as a fundamental pillar in its business policy, to achieve the highest levels of safety and health for its workers, suppliers and collaborating companies, with the ultimate aim of reducing occupational accidents until achieving and maintaining over time the objective of ZERO ACCIDENTS.

To this end, it has a Department of Occupational Risk Prevention formed by senior technicians with a long experience in the telecommunications sector, with full dedication, which in addition to giving due compliance with all the legal requirements that are applicable, assume and implement as their own of the Reteóptica Group all those of clients and collaborators making the entire organization participate.

In the commitment to be a safe and healthy company, the Reteóptica Group makes a firm and convinced commitment to the awareness, information and training of all its workers, so that they can develop their activity in the best conditions from the point of view of safety; training is given to all staff, both by the Department of Occupational Risk Prevention itself, and by its network of collaborating training entities, all of them of recognized prestige.

The Reteóptica Group as a company with a long history, leader in its sector and fully aware of the activity, provides all its staff with work teams and means of protection of first brands, which in addition to complying with all the regulations that apply to it, complies with the highest national and international quality standards, by convincing the close relationship between the equipment used and the safety and quality of the work done.

All the works and services entrusted to the Reteóptica Group are supervised, on site, both by own and external personnel trained for it, in order that these are carried out in the best conditions of occupational safety, carrying out an effective coordination of business activities in the necessary cases.