Rehabilitation of buildings


Infrastructure security

Analysis of the structure and re-scaling of walls and foundations to avoid risks of detachment.
Soluciones energéticas

Efficient facilities

Renovation of electrical installations for energy saving. Fiber optic network installation.
rehabilitación zonas comunes

Rehabilitation of common areas

We rehabilitate both the structure of the building and the common spaces.

The rehabilitation of buildings covers all construction projects required for the maintenance and improvement of a structure.

The buildings and their facades deteriorate over time because the materials and their suitability have a useful life. It is essential to ensure the safety of buildings and the conservation of their façade.

Of this way, it is necessary to rehabilitate, restore and maintain the buildings to avoid risks of detachment and to maintain a pleasant aesthetic on the façade and common areas.  

We offer the service of rehabilitation of buildings, facades and common areas, as well as the renovation of electrical modern installations to guarantee energy saving and the installation of fiber optic networks.

Rehabilitation of buildings